Communications Services

Christine Vazquez writes everything from brand stories, blogs, and bios for clients, to food and drink stories, recipes, and reviews on her blog, Hungry.
She’s a contributing writer for the Boulder Weekly newspaper, writing both cuisine features and restaurant reviews, as well as LON Magazine.
She’s also a writer for Colorado’s own, FELLOW Magazine.
She actively participates in the larger conversation through micro blog posts on Twitter, with more than 10000 posts under the handle @FORKSocialLab.
She’s even written and self-published her own book (before self-publishing was cool).
Working primarily with businesses, creatives and PR companies, Christine tells the stories of people and brands in ways that effect clarity, heart, meaning and engagement.
If, as it’s said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then the skill and craft of taking complex and multifaceted ideas, messages and stories, and distilling them down to their compelling essence is what makes Christine’s writing sophisticated.
She’s observant, intuitive, and interested.
She understands the great responsibility of the writer to name things accurately, and sew words together to create a sturdy fabric.
Not one to waste words and valuing the power of smart storytelling, her writing is clean and intelligent.

Brand Stories
In-House Materials
Press Releases
Social Media

Learn more about Social Media consulting, specifically, here:


Client List*
Corner House Restaurant
Denver FIVE
Get Ink PR
Just Be Kitchen
Leigh Sullivan Enterprises
Nagler Agency
Queen City Spirits
Simply Nourished Nutrition
Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

*Includes both current and former

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