Second Love is a True Love

Yes, I write a lot about food here.
And yet, I’m hungry for many, many things to live fully and well.
For example – connection, interesting people, style, independents, spending time in Denver’s classic neighborhoods.
It is for all of these reasons that I love Second Love on 32nd in the Highlands.
The name is a clever play on the second go of an item of clothing, footwear, accessory or home furnishing; it’s a resale shop.
But, it doesn’t feel like a resale shop, or shop like one either [except in the prices!].
Curated intelligently and beautifully by the owner and buyer, Angie, it’s a charmer.
She has great taste, and it’s clear she’s earned a following of consignors whose entire closets we would surely envy.
The space shops like the most approachable boutique you can imagine, in an original house in this long-loved Denver neighborhood.
Spread out on the entire first floor of the house, there’s a generous front porch filled with treasures like vintage tables and picnic baskets as well.
Alongside a high-quality range of women’s, children’s and men’s items, Angie has interesting home furnishings tucked in and around, and uses many as display [that adorable chair you see a pair of Frye boots sitting on? look for a price tag, since it’s probably for sale].
Also, she sells a couple of lines of independent jewelry at any given time, from the likes of Denver’s own beloved Crow Jane.
There are incredible letterpress prints from a local artist too, of which I happily own a few.
Second Love is good for the environment, and it is from this motivation, it was born.
Angie believes deeply in repurposing and reusing, and not mindless consumerism, and she makes that ideal such fun to support.

3440 W. 32nd Avenue / Denver

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