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With a background in corporate training / marketing, plus years working with startups, in 2009 I went out on my own, opening Blossoming – a coaching / communications firm.
I’ve helped businesses, writers, and more, find and refine their voice and ideas, while doing the same for myself in the process.
In 2011, I also opened Fork Social Lab, which is now used in name only
[learn more at the FORK link].
Now, I’m the Editor in Chief for Nourish Magazine.
[learn more at the Nourish link]
I also contribute to Boulder Weekly and LON Magazine.
Over the years, Fork has received a lot of media attention from Eater, Thrillist, 5280 Magazine, Boulder Daily Camera and Yellow Scene Magazine.
Now, through my experience as both a publicist and journalist, it’s good to be on the other side of things, illuminating and telling the stories of people and places.
My focus has distilled to my best skills — storytelling, media, and building community.
Nominated as 1 of 5 Best Diners in Denver on Social Media for Westword’s 2013 Web Awards, I take dining seriously, while playfully.
I’m a Taurus with Leo rising, for those of you who care about that sort of thing.
An INFJ, it’s true that I share a personality type with less than 3% of the population: idealistic, people first, highly intuitive, artistic and creative, while down-to-earth and practical.
I love corn, banana cream pie, good red wine and hilarity.
At the tender age of 22, I sang on the famed Apollo stage in Harlem for preliminaries of Amateur Night at the Apollo, and when I was booed offstage, as is the tradition, the emcee admonished the crowd saying, “Shame on you! Christine is going places someday!”.
Places I’ve since gone cover a myriad of cities in 7 countries (including Iceland!) with the goal of 7 x 7 more.
I thought I might live all over the world, but fell in love with Denver 20 years ago, and it’s been a true love that has kept me loyal.

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