Nourish Magazine

NOURISH is first and foremost, a community.
A community that believes deeply in the power of food to equalize, connect, chart new territory and honor tradition.
What we also are, is a print publication that tells compelling stories, shares approachable and delicious recipes, and offers access to restaurants, purveyors, makers and doers in the food community, so you can learn more about who and where your food comes from, and why it matters that you support the good efforts being made toward this provision.
Through the words and visuals, and gatherings we host, you’ll come to know how deeply satisfying it is to eat jam made from fruit that would’ve otherwise gone to waste, or eat in a restaurant whose passion for food and hospitality came from the generations before them, or go out of your way to support a café that a couple took honorable risks to open.
These are stories about humanity and community, told through food.
And you will begin to more deeply recognize your own humanity and place in community through this lens.
Food is love.
Food is connection.
Food is joy.
Food is life.

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