Social Media Management + Consulting

Brands have to have a presence – a solid, consistent one – on social media channels as platforms of authentic engagement.
Relationship building and maintaining is critical in business.
So much of that is happening online now.
It’s also an important way to update customers and potential customers on what’s going on in the business itself.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram – when handled in a truly relational, smart way – are incredible tools and ones where your customers and potential customers are, and where you consistently need to be.
The beauty of social media, is these customers and potential customers opt in.
They want to hear what you have to say.
They are asking to be in relationship with the business.
While many businesses have some presence on social media, it is often haphazard and inconsistent, which actually loses them points and possibilities.
We can help.
Through our communications business, Blossoming, we can either handle this function for you across all platforms [or those you prioritize and select] or teach you how to efficiently and effectively manage it in-house.
We also work with established PR firms who need to outsource it on behalf of their clients.
Call Christine at 720.226.5291 or email to discuss how we can help you.

I love this and agree wholeheartedly:
Wouter Verhoog / Communications Manager at PressMatrix GmbH
Social media is a must. Facebook icon, twitter birdy…It’s these things people always check to see are there when they visit your website. If not, you are not considered a serious, or even ‘real’ company. It’s all about ‘slow branding’: making sure your name is out there, visible and ready for action and engagement.
The best lessons I’ve learned [excerpt]:
Sell your values through social media.
Don’t make it all about your company: shine that spotlight on your (potential) customers.
Entertain! Behind every company logo sits a team of real, living people; they like to laugh.
Educate! People love to learn short, sweet facts – even if it doesn’t have that much to do with your company or product at first sight.
Engage in conversations, don’t hide behind your corporate identity.
We all like to deal with real people with real names with real feelings, instead of a logo and employees acting like robots.

And this:
Social media has, in essence, turned traditional PR on its head. “In the past, PR was very much about controlling the message. You can’t do that [on social]; you have to embrace the dialogue and your customers as they are, then influence and guide the conversation,” says Freedman [Peter; chairman/CEO of LiveWorld]. -Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who’s Responsible for What? by Stephanie Walden on Mashable

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