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The Kitchen Family of Restaurants Celebrates Boulder Flagship’s Ten Year Anniversary in Coolest Way

On Sunday, March 16, The Kitchen, Next Door and Upstairs locations in both Boulder and Denver will celebrate the Boulder flagship – which turns ten in March – in a special way.
Because the whole group was built on the ethos of community, along with sustainability and health – that they wholeheartedly and wholeplatedly champion – they’re doing something cool.
Both Kitchen locations in Denver and Boulder, and Upstairs in Boulder will offer 3-course meals – from a special menu – of an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $10. [!]
At the Denver and Boulder Next Door locations, that same $10. gets two people an entrée and drink of choice each.
This extraordinary experience goes all day at every location, beginning at 11a.
As though it couldn’t get better, that $10. goes directly to their Learning Gardens Program, which operates under The Kitchen Community umbrella.
The Kitchen Community is the nonprofit arm of The Kitchen Family, established in 2011 by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson – the founders, along with Jen Lewin – of The Kitchen.
The program plants gardens in local schools, which help children not only learn where their food comes from, but also helps them learn science.
These outdoor classrooms aim to reverse trends in childhood obesity and improve test scores – which are noble aims indeed.
Depending on the size of area the school can allocate, the gardens can range from 500 sf to as large as 3000 sf.
Because it’s a modular system, and easy to install, the school chooses how many planting beds they can accommodate.
The first Learning Garden [1800 sf] was installed at Schmitt Elementary in South Denver.
54 Learning Gardens were created and installed in the first year of the program, 2012, with 26 of those in Colorado, 16 in Chicago – where The Kitchen will be opening their next location – and another 12 at various schools across the country.
Another 166 were installed last year – with 100 of those, or a full 60% – in Chicago.
Those 100 were made possible by a generous $1 Million fund established by Chicago Mayor Emanuel.
Chicago Public Schools have become a focus as it’s the 3rd largest school district in the United States, which means the impact has fuller potential; Learning Gardens are currently at 1 in 4 elementary schools in that district.
I’ve already gathered a group and made a reservation at the Boulder location for lunch, and will probably visit a second location for dinner.
What the hell – make a day of it – and celebrate the impressive impact The Kitchen Family and The Kitchen Community have had already, as well as toast to their future.