Just Be Kitchen Brings Consciously Prepared, Farm Fresh Food at Fast Casual Prices to Denver

Just Be Kitchen is a gluten-free eatery, bringing farm-fresh food to the public at fast-casual prices, while celebrating individual well-being.
: No gluten
: Paleo friendly
: Healthy fats & oils
: Completely sugar-free

Conscious cooking to Just Be Kitchen means a completely gluten-free and largely grain-free kitchen, using nut or coconut flours, squash, pumpkin and other “safe” starches. Only healthy fats & oils like butter, coconut oil and avocados. No refined sugar – only natural sugars such as maple syrup, agave and natural fruits. Grass-fed meats with no hormones or antibiotics.

The visionary, Jennifer Peters, is taking a special approach to getting this off the ground – while building community, which she deeply values – by crowd funding the initial capital.
Denver is one of the best places to launch a concept like this and in this manner.
If it interests you, please consider supporting.
If you’re so inclined, please share with others in your circle you feel would be excited about it.

Just Be Kitchen participated in the recent BruFrou event here in Denver, and their meatballs were one of the biggest hits among the attendees.
Even press couldn’t get enough, and kept circling the table for more!

How do I contribute?
Visit the campaign page and view the video about the birth of Just BE Kitchen and its purpose, along with the list of perks you’ll receive for your contribution:

More information about Just BE Kitchen:
Check them out at http://www.justbekitchen.com
“Like” their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/justbekitchen

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