Recipe for Ramp Pesto. A Luxury and Delight.

The wonderful Blackberry Farm in Tennessee pickles ramps, and Williams Sonoma sells these jars of joy.
I picked up a few jars, not knowing how I’d use them, but they comforted me just being in my pantry.
Friends are coming to dinner soon – these are friends who love and appreciate great food – so I was inspired to make this ramp pesto for our dinner.
I’ll toss it with pasta, but it would be beautiful on toasts, or as a dip too.
The truth is, this is really a Pistou – which is a Provencal version of pesto, made without nuts.
I’m calling it a Pesto, because it’s a more familiar term for most people, and really, Tom-a-to, Tom-ah-to.

23.25 oz ramps [this doesn’t have to be precise; if you buy fresh, just estimate and if you buy the jars, it’s 3 jars]
1/4 c Pecorino Romano cheese
1/4 c Parmesan Reggiano cheese
1 diced preserved lemon [be sure all pith and seeds are removed]
T dried parsley [if using fresh, 3T]
1/2 t lemon oil [can use juice; I just had lemon oil on hand from baking]
Salt + pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients together in food processor, then drizzle in olive oil until you get consistency you want


Note: If you do use the picked ramps, rinse completely before adding to processor; save pickling juice for Bloody Marys!
Even with having rinsed them, when I tasted the final product it was still a bit too vinegary for my taste, so I added about a teaspoon of agave to balance it.
Just make to your taste.

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