Izakaya Den Put on Stunning Sake Grand Tasting Event with 35 Sakes [and 17 Bento Bites!]

It is great good fortune to get to experience culture through food and drink, as Denver did recently at the Izakaya Den Sake Grand Tasting event.
In cocktail party-style, we began with a Sake Passport, as a guide and interactive tool for the evening.
7 sake stations were available throughout the Ten Qoo space on the upper level, and we walked and tasted, which was a fun contrast to a sit-down event.
It is generally recognized by design enthusiasts and restaurant obsessives, that the Ten Qoo space is one of the most gorgeous interiors in the city and I wholeheartedly agree.
Here’s the piece I wrote when it opened [having moved from its original location on the same street – Pearl in Denver]:
Of the sakes I tasted, I had two favorites [well three if you count the sake jello shot, which really happened]:
Funaguchi in a can – this is a special sake that continues to ferment while in the can – available at roughly $8./can, the beauty is, a little sake goes a long way.
Kikusui – a lovely sake available at roughly $30./bottle – this is a treat, and one I’d keep on hand at home at all times if I were you.
The Bento Box was a tour through Japanese food culture – with favorite bites from both the Izakaya and Sushi Den menus.
I was happy to see my favorite from the Izakaya Den menu – grilled miso black cod – was part of the action.
I *may* have taken that from a friend’s box too.
But really, isn’t that what friends are for?
With 17 different Bento bites, along with 35 different sakes, we ate and drank well.
To say the least.
The Beautiful Bento Box was so stunning in its array of offerings, I want to virtually share them with you – and encourage you to get to Izakaya Den and Sushi Den soon to experience them for yourself:
Grilled Miso Black Cod
Grilled Fish Cake
Soy Simmered Tiger Shrimp
Broiled Scottish Salmon
Tonkatsu, breaded crispy pork belly
Miso Sautéed Bamboo Shoot
Sautéed Burdock Root
Tsukemono – pickled vegetable
Flash Fried Taro Root
Kinpira Gobo, sautéed, julienned burdock root & carrot
Spicy Soy-Simmered Mountain Yam
Tamago-yaki, savory egg “omelette”
Inari, savory tofu pouch filled with sushi rice
California Roll
Rock& Roll
Edamame, steamed soybeans
Mochi Cake, sweet rice cake

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