Truffle Table is So Much More than Cheese and Charcuterie Boards

I was as excited as anyone when Truffle Table opened last year in the Highlands; the restaurant iteration of Denver’s beloved Truffle Cheese Shop on 6th Avenue.
It sits on one of the best corners in all of the neighborhood, in a light-filled space with a wall of windows for excellent people watching and the feeling you’re part of the city’s action in an enlivening way.
They have 20 seats at tables, another 10 at a high bar table, and 8 more at the actual bar.
Though I’d been there a handful of times, twice it was for special events, and once just for a glass of wine before meeting friends for dinner.
The food aspect had always been a mystery to me, as I’d looked on their website more than once for a menu, but never saw one there.
And the times I was in the space, hadn’t had reason to look at a menu.
Truth be told, I assumed it was basically a selection of cheese and meat, with crackers and perhaps some accoutrements like spreads, nuts.
You know what they say about assumptions.
After a recent stop there early one evening for a bite [they open at 4p T-Su; closed M], I now have a fuller understanding of what’s really going on.
Let me tell you – it’s a lot.
I had the pleasure of an impromptu conversation with the Executive Chef, Crickett Burns – who shared with me her friends and colleagues had expressed similar questions: “What are you doing over there? Cheese boards?”.
“They couldn’t understand it either, until I explained it to them”, Crickett told me.
For smaller plates, among many more, there’s Chistorra* with onions and peppers [$8.], Pea Shoot Salad with garlic breadcrumbs and honeyed [and bruleed!] Cana de Cabra [$8.] and Butternut Squash Hummus [$6.].
For larger plates, you’ll find things like Imberico Ham [$20.], Grilled Cheese with Grafton cheddar and broccoli [$10.] and Truffled Mac & Cheese [$8.].
Crickett does a vermouth gastrique with her pate plate.
Take that in for a minute.
Vermouth gastrique.
Every Wednesday, they offer an All You Can Eat Raclette Night for $40./couple, which includes dessert.
Happy Hour takes a couple dollars off a few plates, and also has 3 wines by the glass for $5. each – a Cava, Vinho Verde and Bergerac Rouge.
On their regular drink menu, they offer 18 beers, including a few large format bottles and a generous 21 wines by the glass – 3 sparkling, 4 rose and 7 each of whites and reds.
Of course you can also get cheese and/or charcuterie boards, and this is no small thing.
But, Truffle Table is so much more than that.

Get the Russian Honey Cake.
Just trust me on this.

Truffle Table
2556 15th Street

*A Spanish sausage similar to chorizo

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