Kim & Jake’s Cakes: Bringing Gluten-Free Baked Goods Love to Boulder and Beyond.

What makes a city or town great, is the independents.
It’s always been this way, because we want to feel some heart and soul in the places we do business with.
We may choose to get our bulk toilet paper and toothpaste at a big box store, but when it comes to things like fresh baked bread, artisan cheese and beautifully composed meals, we – especially in Colorado – seek out the independents.
This is why so many of us are enamored with the European lifestyle.
There’s something magical, while practical, about picking up daily supplies from the butcher, baker and candlestick maker.
It’s charming in a way you just can’t experience from a corporate-run entity.
Kim & Jake’s Cakes is a four year old beloved bakery in Boulder [say that 3 times fast!].
A fully gluten-free bakery, they’re known for their cakes, of course, but what they produce – which has had customers in literal tears of joy – is their gluten-free, non GMO bread.
They also produce a gluten-free pizza crust, much to the delight of the gluten-intolerant in Boulder and beyond.
I had the privilege of spending the morning with them at home recently, for a piece I’m writing for FELLOW Magazine [], and I’ll save all the good stuff for that, but be sure to grab a copy in June, and learn more about them and what they do.
In the meantime, visit

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