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Lou’s + Peas = Happy Spring, Everyone!

It’s rare I write about just one dish at a restaurant.
Yes, we have our Things That Will Change Your Life for the Better list, but to devote an entire post to one dish – and even more interestingly, a salad! – is almost unheard of.
But, I had the Pea Salad at Lou’s Food Bar the other night, and it brought me so much joy, I want you too to experience that joy.
On paper, a pea salad may not sound all that compelling to you.
But, just trust me.
First, we need to talk about pea pods.
I love pea pods.
At this time of year – the beginnings of Spring – there’s really nothing like them.
They’re just so refreshing, and a happy reminder that farmers markets are soon to open again for the season.
That a restaurant would build an entire dish around peas, just delights me.
There aren’t just pea pods – there’s also loose peas, and pea shoots.
All the peas are on a bed of arugula, which gives a nice peppery bite.
There’s mint too, but they’re not heavy-handed about it, which I really appreciated as it could have easily overwhelmed things.
And if the pea festival and arugula aren’t enough to make you completely happy, they top it with a generous spoonful of their housemade ricotta.
The ricotta is sprinkled with a touch of beautiful burgundy-colored sea salt, which makes such a lovely contrast against the white, that sits on the tumble of green.
A light dressing of white wine vinaigrette, and you’re set.
I love everything about this salad, and it’s something I will crave.
As their website says, Lou’s is “part of Chef Frank Bonanno‚Äôs conspiracy to shower Denver with great food and fabulous service”.
Thanks Lou’s.

More on Lou’s here in a post I wrote last year:

Lou’s Food Bar
1851 W. 38th Avenue