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Series on Creativity : Jake Sutton of Stay At Home Bartenders Union [SAHBU]

Jake Sutton is a web developer at Foraker Labs in Boulder.
And Jake Sutton is a cocktail developer at His Home in Westminster.
He runs the highly official [read: nothing even remotely official about it] Stay At Home Bartenders Union.
SAHBU for short.
He also writes a clever, informative, digital newsletter called Tonight’s Negroni.
I didn’t even know what I didn’t know about the world of cocktails, until I began reading this excellent virtual publication.
He explains it as being on both sides of the bar at once.
I love that.
Jake grew up in Florida and Tennessee with a single mom, and at an early age began helping with dinner prep.
Back then, just as Food Network was getting off the ground, he’d watch shows, get inspired and get into the kitchen.
It was a natural interest, which later, as an adult, translated to cocktail ingredients and recipes.
Jake also makes his own kegged cocktails and bitters.
You can only imagine how quickly he’s taken up on offers to come over and share a drink with him and his wife, Hezzy [also known as Heather; or is it the other way around?].
I live a deeply creative life, and that is such a huge part of my work, and my personal life.
But knowing Jake, I’m reminded how important it is – if you work a 9-5 in whatever industry – to have creative side projects too, that infuse life with joy and exploration and possibility, and help you express yourself in a way that makes you and others happy.
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