brownwater Coffee Proudly Produced Here in Denver, Benefits the World

brownwater Coffee is a genius name.
Coffee = brown water.
And their tagline is: Drink brownwater so others don’t have to.
This is a business built on a strong social mission of bringing clean water to one person for every bag sold.
As consumers, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to support social missions, and thankfully with brownwater we don’t have to.
I tried the Nicaragua Finca Las Praderas – a medium/dark roast they describe as a sommelier would a wine – flavors of sweet maple, cinnamon, dark brown sugar finish.
They offer 4 flavors – one from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Rwanda, plus a classic espresso and a decaf.
Either whole bean or ground coffee, is a staple in most households.
If we replace even just one bag a month with brownwater, we help 12 people in the world get access to clean water.
That’s no small thing.

A word from Ricky Padilla, the founder of brownwater:
I LOVE good coffee, and clean water was the cause that appeared to be the most fundamental for economic development in many developing countries. Lacking money and experience, I partnered with a seasoned coffee roasting master who housed my tiny operation and roasted coffee that I sold online and delivered in my home-designed bags. I decided to call the company Brown Water Coffee because I wanted to inspire people to drink “brown water” so others don’t have to. In May of 2013 (after a LOT of blood, sweat, tears, awful part time jobs, vehicle repairs, sleepless nights, and begging for start-up capital) we opened the Brown Water Coffee Roastery in the great city of Denver, Colorado. Please join our story. Tell your friends about us. Try our coffee. And drink Brown Water so others don’t have to.

Also, this is an exciting time in the company’s growth, and they’re bringing in 3 unpaid summer interns in the areas of Marketing/Events, PR and Social Media & Content.
If interested, resumes need to be in by 4/18 and the internships run from 5/19 – 8/19.

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