One day I got inspired to make ramen and threw this recipe [loose] together.
It turned out to be delicious.
[that kind of luck isn’t always the case in the kitchen, as all you home cooks know!]
Someone asked for the recipe, then someone else did, so thought it best to post here.
Like béchamel, homemade biscuits or tiramisu, there’s a certain mystery that surrounds ramen, but once you have the basics down, it’s a pleasure to make and eat.

Some people cook the noodles in the broth, but I’m a purist and think they must be cooked separately; you don’t want that added guck [official term] in the broth itself
I get my noodles – organic – at World Market and love their texture; 3-4 min and voila!
I use veg broth – a whole container [the soft pack; 32 oz I think] – but you can also use beef for a richer flavor
If using fresh shallots, sauté first, along with diced leeks or onions to soften
[I keep a jar of dried shallots on hand, so just add 1 T of those directly to broth]
Probably 1/4 c soy sauce – technical!; I eyeball it
Squeeze of sriracha [or more to your taste; we don’t like it too spicy]
Can of corn, or fresh in season
Simmer everything together and once noodles are cooked, add to broth
At this point, you can really add anything else you like* – other vegetables, pulled pork, beef, lobster [would add knob of butter in that case], a poached egg – though I’m still perfecting the poach
But it is also wonderful as is
You just want any elements you add to the broth to already be cooked
Feeds four
Eat – Be warm – Be happy

*A chef friend said fish sauce or fish powder is always a nice addition.

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