Daily Archives: February 25, 2014

caffe CORRETTO Feels Like Correct Expansion for BASTA

I’ve written before how concerning I find it that restaurants only open for dinner, pay rent on space that is used solely for prep work during the day.
It’s a lot of burden financially, that has to be made up through a dinner service alone.
Yet, many places can’t make it make sense to do a lunch service – the numbers just don’t justify the cost to be open.
That’s always been the case at Basta, save for their Friday-only lunch service.
I’d had a conversation last year with the owners there, and at that time they were considering adding a brunch service on weekends, but like lunch, that meant more staff and other expenses they couldn’t be sure made sense.
It all became complex, and a more elegant solution was sought.
They’ve now made a smart move, not only businesswise [wise], but from a community perspective as well, opening caffe CORRETTO [corrected coffee].
Corrected coffee is an Italian term, which means to add a small amount of liquor – typically grappa or brandy – to a shot of espresso.
They’re using only LAMILL from Los Angeles for their espresso, and a variety of locally roasted coffee, which will be available in rotation.
There’s food too.
From-scratch, wood-fired granola with a generous sprinkling of hazelnuts, served with almond milk, freshly baked biscuits with honey butter and chunky apple jam, frittata and more are available on their morning menu.
Open from 7a – 11a Monday through Friday, you can stop in for artisan, quality coffee to grab a cup to go, stay a while and work, or take your morning meetings there.
The ownership team – Kelly and Erika Whitaker, and their partner Alan Henkin [who himself was personally barista-ing when I was there for the pre-launch party on Saturday; loved that] – have always been a huge component in Basta’s success.
They care.
It shows.
This expansion is a soulful addition to Boulder’s coffee culture, and one I’m happy to see.