Comrade. Contemporary. Colleague. FELLOW Magazine Brings the Community Together on the Page and in Person

Bre Graziano is a twenty-something well beyond her years.
She, as it’s said, is an old soul.
Her wisdom most fully shows itself in her open mind and open heart, and it is from these characteristics, FELLOW Magazine was born.
A person with less heart could not have conceptualized such lovely work, or gathered around herself the quality of people she has.
FELLOW highlights the people and places that make Colorado great – the artisans, the restaurateurs, the photographers and more.
On 2.22 [an auspicious number], they launched their first issue to a packed house at Green Spaces in Ballpark.
Candles flickered everywhere from the windowsills to the tables, and set the most calm, serene tone, but a fiery one as well.
It reminded me very much of what it feels like to read FELLOW.
Calm. Serene. Fiery.
The inspired photography, clean formatting and disciplined use of white space, makes it a visual joy to read.
But, it’s the words that strongly compel and delight.
I read it with an ever-growing sense of appreciation for our great city and state, with each turn of the page.
I’ve always loved both fiercely, and I’m grateful FELLOW exists to allow me to take that love even deeper.
To give you a sense of it, I’ve excerpted some of my favorite lines from the first issue.
It is thoughtful, soulful, big-hearted writing – which as a writer myself, is the highest compliment I can pay to writing:

Our desire for rural retreats creates cozy apothecaries in sparsely populated mining towns.
[River Wharton on DRAM Apothecary]

It’s the fellowship I keep coming back for – the feel-good, and refreshingly unpretentious conversations about creativity, community, and everyday living that is overlooked in the presence of aesthetic beauty sometimes.
[Kelsey Brown on beet & yarrow]

They are the truest expression of authenticity I know because of how little attention they pay to fitting the definition.
[Shaun Boyte on Fin Art]

Together the group composes intricate and moving pieces with content they hope appeals to both the emotion and intellect of their fans.
[Sarah Ann Noel on Princess Music]

It is the privilege, and incredible responsibility, of an artist to help others better express themselves and better understand who they are.
[Anne Taylor]

With pie, I see an opportunity to share my love of baking with the community as well as a format for youth to practice skills and find a place of belonging.
[Shauna Lott, Long I Pie Shop]

Values of hard work, meticulous craftsmanship, and humility characterize the man who envisioned a place so celebrated, and a team that wakes daily with the intention to do better than they did the day before.
[Lauren Mikus on Old Major]

We know there is much more ahead of us to look forward to. We are excited to learn, create, develop, and refine this publication and our presence in the community.
[Bre Graziano]

You can order a copy online – and I strongly encourage you to – at

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