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Ch Ch Ch Changes at Corner House [Ch] and Happily, They Involve A Lot of Seafood

A lot has changed at Corner House.
By now, I imagine you’ve heard Matt Selby and Ch have parted ways, and he’s landed at Central in the Highlands.
With new Operating Partners, industry veterans Leigh Sullivan and Travis Plakke, everything is getting elevated, including the already great menu.
As someone who’d like to see more options in casual dining that include earnest seafood selections, I’m happy to report the new seafood-focused menu at Ch has no less than 11 inspired seafood dishes, making it not your average neighborhood bistro.
The wealth of exciting plates and bowls – from appetizers and salads to mains – includes:
Oysters on the Half Shell
Flash-seared Yellowtail Sashimi
Scottish Salmon Crudo
Tiger Shrimp
Clam Chowder
PEI Mussels
Stout Mussels
Crab Rillettes [with salmon lox prosciutto to gild the lily]
Octopus Confit
Yellowtail Nicoise
Scottish Salmon Main

Meat lovers fear not – there’s also Airline Chicken Breast [fancy cut that includes the breast and attached drumette] and Choice Flat Iron Steak.
If you dine on Tuesday, you’re in for even more of a treat, as bottles of wine are ½ off [cheers!].

Brunch is both a meal and a state of mind.
You want to enjoy it in a place that can feed you well, while also encouraging that state of mind [usually with delicious bloodys + mimosas, which Ch has down pat].
If this menu doesn’t make you want to get out of bed, I don’t know what will:
Michelada Oyster Shooter
Clam Chowder / Pork Green Chili
Quinoa Salad / Kale Caesar Salad
Sweet Waffle
Breakfast Streudel
Veg Quiche
Egg Plate
Crab Cake Benedict
Crab Cakes
Steak and Egg Sandwich
Quinoa Granola
On the side: bacon, fresh fruit, potatoes, black beans totopos, salad, sausage

If you’re going to hang out on a corner, keep it classy, and make it Corner House.