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Stop Everything and Make This Lentil Chili For/Over the Weekend. We Must Have Priorities in Life.

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like chili.
I’ve met people who don’t like, how shall I say this – the digestive side-effects of that many beans – but chili is as American as baseball.
I wasn’t looking for a vegetarian chili recipe when coming upon Whole Foods’ Lentil Chili, but it inspired me to create my own with lentils as the base.
I love that it’s beanless, but you still get all the joyful nutrition of the lentils
[rich in protein, folic acid, dietary fiber, Vitamins B, C and essential amino acids].
I love that it’s forgiving; you can add more or less of something to taste.
I love that it feeds a small crowd, or in my home, the extra will be jarred to give to friends.

2 c orange lentils [they don’t have to be orange, but they’re prettier]
2 pints vegetable stock [homemade is best, but high quality store bought works too]
4 garlic cloves
T butter
16 oz jar of pisto [or make your own*] – a tomato and vegetable mix, similar to ratatouille
6 oz. mole verde [or make your own**] – a tomatillo based sauce
1/2 c craft ketchup [a chunky one with onions is all the better]
2 T Hungry blend chili seasoning***
1/2 c harissa
8 oz. [1/2 jar] of Goya Hogao

Slice garlic and saute in butter, add lentils to coat.
Pour in vegetable stock, and bring to boil.
Reduce heat to simmer, cover, and cook for 30m.
Add the rest of the ingredients until heated through, then let it sit without heat until ready to serve, so flavors can further meld.
Feeds 4-6.