AO: Bar. One of the Coolest Apps Around for Restaurants + Bars.

What would the world be without creativity?
All of these great minds and hearts, thinking up smart things to make our world a better, more sane place.
One of these people is a colleague of mine, Travis Plakke, and he’s created an app.
Not just any app.
This app helps restaurants and bars simplify liquor inventory management, along with making it much more streamlined to place orders/re-orders.
Born and raised in Colorado, it’s called AO: Bar and is a cloud-based* desktop application.
If you, or anyone you know, could benefit from this kind of resource, get in touch with Travis.
He’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Here’s what it does:
:Reduces Administrative Workload
With AO: Bar, reduce time spent on administrative work, letting you spend more time with your guests generating revenue.

:Automatically Syncs Inventory
Inventory data automatically synchronizes to the cloud so that you can access it from any Internet connection.

:Allows Orders with Push of a Button
AO: Bar simplifies placing orders to just pushing a button, sending an email straight from the app to your reps!

•AO:BAR inventory and ordering application with full functionality
•Motorola CS3070 Symbol 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with overnight hardware replacement
•FINGER CUFF™ safety leash for the CS3070 Scanner.
•Help Desk Support from 8am to 6pm MST Monday – Friday.


If you want to know more:
Travis D. Plakke
AO: Apps Project Manager
AccuCode, Inc.
O: 303-639-6111 x1723
M: 720-883-6997

*Term used as metaphor for the Internet

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