ImPRESSed With Pressery – Organic, Local, Raw, Cold-Pressed Juices + Nut Milks

Pressery makes 100% organic, raw juices and nut milks locally, in Boulder.
Their juice is cold pressed, which is important to know, because when juice is processed through a blade that heats up the juice [think of your food processor], many of the vital nutrients are lost.
They encourage resets and cleanses – all-juice regimens lasting from 1-7 days – but what they’re really after is helping people incorporate juices into a daily, healthy lifestyle.
Their Kale juice is their top seller; it’s my favorite too.
It has 7 gifts of food love in it, including kale, spinach, cucumber, pear, parsley, ginger and lemon.
This juice has 3 full servings of vegetables, which help anti-oxidize and boost Vitamins A, C and K, plus iron.
Their Strawberry Chia juice is special.
Chia seeds are full of protein, fiber, magnesium, calcium and contain more Omega 3’s than any other plant source, making this an especially great option for vegetarians and vegans to get this needed, healthy fat into their diet.
They offer many other juice flavors, and also nut milks, which can be found on their website.
They deliver free in the Denver/Boulder areas on orders of $75.+; they’re also beginning to ship across the country.
In season, you can find them at local Farmers’ Markets.
And soon, happily, at a Whole Foods near you in Denver and Boulder.

Boulder, Colorado

Here’s a feature piece I wrote for Boulder Weekly on juice/juicing, including profiles of Conscious Cleanse and Zeal as well:

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