Food Equalizes, Connects, Charts New Territory and Honors Tradition

A billionare and a beggar can both be sitting at the same table, and through the eating and sharing of food, there is equality.
Wealthy, Poor, African American, Asian, Republican, Democrat – it doesn’t matter.
Just human beings, sharing the sustenance of life.
Food creates connection, because it is something we all share in common.
Unlike language, which can frustrate and put barriers between people, food is spoken in a way we all can understand.
Whether you’re in Rio or Ronkonkoma [that’s a real place!], corn is corn, a fresh oyster is a fresh oyster, a loaf of bread is a loaf of bread.
We relate to it and one another, creating authentic warmth and connection that can’t be had in quite the same way, any other way.
Charts New Territory
New iterations of classic dishes and new takes on conceptualizing and creating food, charts new courses [pun intended] and helps us think broader about it and its possibilities.
It’s exciting to see an ingredient used in an untraditional way [octopus taco, anyone?], or watch as a culinary wunderkind takes on the world – like Boulder’s own prodigy chef, Aaron Kirschner, who spent last summer – his 15th – working with the chefs at Moto in Chicago [Michelin-starred, no less], and has also staged at Le Bernardin and Eleven Madison Park.
Honors Tradition
The food traditions of families and places endure because yes, they equalize and connect, and they also bring quality to our experience of life.
The hot chocolate of Oaxaca, frothed by hand using carved wooden “whisks”.
Pho cooked on carts on the streets of Vietnam.
Aunt Bevie’s green been casserole.
Jordan almonds at Greek and Italian weddings representing the bitter [almond] and sweet [candy coating] of life with the hope there’s more sweet than bitter for the newlyweds.
Food enriches and beautifies.
Even if we could live without it, who would want to?

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