Happiness Alert: BRU in Boulder Has a BRUnch Happy Hour!

I could just end the post there, and that tells you the key information.
This French Canadian dish – fries, sausage gravy and cheese curds – is a rarely seen item on Denver/Boulder menus, but BRU has it.
Even better, it’s just $3. on their Brunch Happy Hour, which is every Sunday from 9:30 – 11:30a.
$1. more if you want to add an egg.
And I do.
There’s a chicken biscuit for $5.
Cheddar grits for the same price.
There’s also spent grain granola, hash browns, bacon & egg and a daily pastry to round out the menu.
5 of their ales are just $3., two wines are $4. and you can also get a Beer Bloody or Mimosa for $4. as well.
The whole idea of a Happy Hour for brunch thrills me.
It’s smart, generous, and fun.
We’ll be there on Sunday.
See you there?

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