Sugarlicious Has Some Sweet Gifts from Colorado Artisans This Year [and they monogram]

You have to appreciate two women who open a candy store, albeit a sophisticated one, in tony Cherry Creek North.
Though I’ve not met Jill Landman Alfond & Stacey Landman [sisters-in-law, which should win them some sort of award for going into business together and thriving], these are surely people with great senses of humor and zest for life.
I mean, candy!
It’s a fun place to go for gifts any time of year, but especially so at holiday time.
They and their team are putting together gifts that can be devoured, with still something fun left over – monogrammed goodies of all kinds.
And, you can support local twice, when selecting treats produced by Colorado artisans.
It’s perfect, because everyone loves candy, right?
[If you have anyone on your gift list who doesn’t, you may want to re-evaluate that relationship]

Edible sweets from local artisans:
The perfect hostess gift for all of those holiday parties or unexpected treat for your out of town guests.
Choose from the list below – or combine for the ultimate Colorado Candy gift.
If you call the store with the hostess or guest name/initials, they’ll monogram a tray – or lunch boxes, tumblers, wine goblets, water bottles, glasses, coasters, etc. – and fill with local sweets.
Done in store in less than 20 minutes – or call in advance and they’ll run it to your car.
That’s service.
•Stuff & Mallow gourmet marshmallow kits from Fort Collins. The chocolate is inside the marshmallow for the perfect S’more! $8.95.
•Ziva chocolate covered bacon from Denver. $3. ea.
•Black Star Chocolates from Denver. $2.50 ea. [also in boxed sets of 4, 6, 9 + 12]
•Patsy’s Chocolates from Colorado Springs – $1–$3.50 ea.
•Sushimee Candy Sushi Kits from Denver by Miles, the Candy Sushi Kid. $11.

Here are some wonderful non-edible options, too:
Great as stocking stuffers or unique place cards at your holiday or New Year’s party.
•Monogrammed tote bags for the sun seeker or weekend snow warrior. $45.
•Makeup bags, pencil cases, and a ton of other little pouches than can be personalized.

3000 East 3rd Avenue

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