Chorizo Hollandaise. Now That I Have Your Attention, Let’s Talk Sunday Brunch at Comida at The Source.

I have friends who treat brunch as the High Holy Holidays of Food.
They feel strongly about it.
To me, brunch is more a state of mind than anything; a release from rigid weekly obligations; a casual meal later in the morning or early afternoon that almost requires a cocktail or three; a devil-may-care attitude.
But, let’s not be silly, it’s also very much about the food.
As an avid home cook, at brunch [breakfast, lunch, dinner] I seek out dishes I probably won’t make at home, like eggs benedict.
It’s not that poached eggs, or hollandaise are especially difficult [hollandaise more so, but still doable], but they are special, so I save this kind of thing for when the professionals are cooking.
I was invited to attend a friends and family practice run last Sunday, before Comida makes brunch available to the public this Sunday.
I brought three food-loving friends, so we could sample a variety of things, and talk food for a couple of hours, which is exactly what we did.
The atmosphere was warm and inviting, and convivial.
Our server was great – and took service to the next level when he taught me to hold down the n on my iPhone to get the ~ needed for a tweet I was sending to announce brunch was about to commence.
We were at Comida after all – I felt it only right to address the people as Senors y Senoritas.
There are the classic brunch drinks available – like mimosas and bloody marys – and they have all kinds of other drinks, many tequila-based, because, that’s the right thing to do in a Mexican spot.
We ordered our drinks quickly, so we could get to ordering our food.
On the recommendation of our server, the table shared the Cinnamon Raisin Pan Tostado.
Think Mexican French toast, but less eggy.
No less delicious.
Using some of the best bread on the planet, Babette’s [no exaggeration; baked just across the hall], macerated berries [blackberries, blueberries and strawberries], sweet crema and maple syrup, this is a treat.
We also shared both the Breakfast Torta – a warm buttered bun, fried egg, Tender Belly bacon [another Colorado triumph], house cured tequila salmon and avocado – as well as the House Made Granola with fresh vanilla bean yogurt, berries and local honey.
We got both sweet and savory tastes, and a good sense of the overall menu.
Other interesting highlights include Grits and Eggs with smoked tomato, jalapeno grits, poached duck eggs and Lemon Queso Fresco Pancakes with toasted pepitas [pumpkin seeds] and blueberry jalapeno syrup.
12 dishes in total, there truly is something for everyone.
For our mains, two of my friends ordered the Huevos Rancheros, and I and the other friend each ordered the Eggs Benedict.
With the benedict, you have your choice of Tender Belly spiral baked ham, fresh avocado or their house cured tequila salmon.
I couldn’t decide between the avocado and salmon, so I asked for both.
They do theirs untraditionally – instead of English muffin, it’s built on buttermilk biscuits.
When the dish came out, I noticed the hollandaise was orange, and not the typical butter yellow.
I asked how they made it and the server said it was done with chorizo.
I didn’t even notice this on the dish’s description on the menu.
That’s how excited I was just to have one of my favorites.
Be still my – and every – food-lover’s heart.
I found this such an inventive choice and one I’ve never seen before.
There’s nothing not to love about hollandaise: egg yolks, butter, lemon.
There’s a debate as to whether it came from the Dutch or the French.
It appears in a Dutch cookbook from 1593, and the name is HOLLANDaise, so I’m going with Holland.
Eggs benedict is a much-loved brunch treat, and worth a visit just to experience this special iteration of a classic sauce.
I don’t know what says devil-may-care more than chorizo hollandaise.

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