If The Question Is: Do You Want to Come to a Butter Lunch? The Answer is Yes.

I was recently invited to a Butter Lunch.
I said yes.
I didn’t even ask for the date or time.
This was something I would clear a calendar for.
I was invited by Sara Lancaster, the Saucy Dipper, on behalf of one of her clients, Epicurean Butter.
Having never been to a butter lunch before, I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience exceeded any expectations I could have had.
Epicurean Butter is a Denver company, started by a professional chef and his wife, after he realized how much he relied on his house made compound butters in his professional kitchen, and wanted the at home cook to have access to the same flavor builders.
With 15 favors – sweet and savory – like caramel sea salt, black truffle [my personal favorite], porcini sage, pumpkin and Tuscan herb, the options are impressive.
They wanted to provide a product that allowed both numerous uses and ease of use.
I love that thoughtfulness.
Originally thinking their sweet butters would be the bigger hits, it’s actually been the savory ones.
They use only the highest quality ingredients; their butter comes from a California consortium of dairies; their black truffles are the real deal, straight from Italy.
This fact is not lost on the retailers that choose to carry their butters, and Whole Foods was the first one to.
Specialty groceries soon followed.
For our lunch, they flew in a chef from Chicago to cook for us, and we enjoyed a meal of flatbread, Shrimp Scampi, seared tenderloin, and fruit compote, all using a range of Epicurean butters.
As if a butter lunch isn’t enough joy, we were sent home with an insulated bag of 4 full-size butters to try.
Their roasted garlic herb butter is their top seller, followed by their truffle butter, so these are the two I’d get if I were you – experiment with them on everything from pasta to pork.
You’ll be amazed at how much of an incredible flavor punch even a tablespoon will make to your dishes.
Butter = Happiness.

2 thoughts on “If The Question Is: Do You Want to Come to a Butter Lunch? The Answer is Yes.

    1. It truly is, Stephanie. In fact, all of their flavors are amazing. I’ll be cooking with the sage one next week and can’t wait to see how those dishes turn out!

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