The Source: Boxcar is There for Coffee. Crooked Stave is There for Beer. If Accommodations Were Available, I’d be There for Overnights.

So much has already been said about The Source in Denver – a food and drink lover’s true paradise – that I wanted to wait to write about it until I’d experienced it a few times and seen it take its place in the community.
My first stop is always Babette’s, because no matter what time of day I get there, I want the best pick of what’s still available.
Laid out on slab marble counters, are their day’s offerings.
What usually comes home with me is the French baguette [a must], ham + cheese and chocolate croissants.
My next stop is always Americanum Provisions right next door.
I’ve gotten locally-grown apples [that went into the eyes-roll-back-in-head Apple Cake], fingerlings [roasted], chives [snipped into homemade ranch dressing as well as chicken noodle soup], Deliciousness preserves [they carry a variety] and more.
Just this week, they are adding weekly shares of raw milk and raw honey.
Really, how cool is that?
It’s a truly delightful shopping experience.
Americanum shares space with beet & yarrow floral, and a meat counter called Meathead [named with a sense of humor rarely found regarding meat].
I always ask beet & yarrow to make me a few arrangements.
They have a bevy of cool vases, and among them, my beloved Ball jars, so a couple of branches or stems in each and I’m set.
I can support local, and beautify my home, without spending too much [cash I need for spending at other Source sources!].
Then, it’s on to Mondo Food, where I typically grab a wedge of cheese, a couple bags of pasta, and some spices from their Wall of Spice [read more about that in previous guest post by K. Grundstein].
If I’m meeting friends for lunch, we meet at Comida.
If I’m there after 4p, I grab a drink [or two, but who’s counting] at CapRock Farm Bar, which anchors all of The Source.
Where an anchor is typically referred to as those big stores at the corners of malls – CapRock sits right in the middle of the space.
It’s a clever design, and there’s something cool about a bar serving artisan booze as the focal point, that I can really get behind.
Happy Hour includes $6. Gin + Tonics [the purest way to taste their gin, aside from the tasting tray they do] and Bees Knees [a classic].
You can also buy their limited supply craft spirits there – gin, vodka, eau de vies and more.
If I’m meeting friends for dinner, we meet at Acorn [read more about that in my previous post on them].
The Perfect Pour liquor store just opened – and you can bet I’ll be filling my cabinet with their finds when I’m there next.
Boxcar is there for coffee.
Crooked Stave is there for beer.
If accommodations were available, I’d be there for overnights.

3350 Brighton Boulevard
9a – 11p – an incredible 7 days a week

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