Seattle Fish Company is a Denver Legacy, Carrying it On with a Modern Sensibility. [Go Fish! A Cheer.]

I’ve lived in Denver for almost 20 years.
I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t heard of Seattle Fish Company until just last year, when I saw they were a major sponsor of Leigh Sullivan’s Denver Five.
I’m sure I have eaten their fish many, many times over those years, and just not known it, since they supply some of the great restaurants in Denver.
They’re also a supplier to Whole Foods, which I was happy to hear.
Their tagline is, “If It Swims, We Have It” and has been the same since the company’s founding by the Iacino family in 1918.
I love it.
It’s clever, but also shows the breadth of their reach.
Or, should I say depth.
As impressed as I often am about entrepreneurs in this day and age, think about the vision and resources it took for an entrepreneur to get a new business off the ground – or out of the sea – near the turn of the century.
It’s amazing.
Especially the idea of a fish company in landlocked Colorado.
Celebrating their 95th year in business this year, they source all kinds of fish, through their varied relationships across the world, including what they consider the best hybrid striped bass available, from the Faucett family right here in Alamosa, Colorado, a second-generation producer using a closed containment system.
As a certified Marine Stewardship Council supplier, they care deeply about sustainability, understanding its importance strategically, operationally and as a matter of engagement and just plain good business.
Supplying no less than 7 1/2 million pounds [!] of seafood each year, from their warehouse in Stapleton, 21 trucks deliver throughout the state.
I learned all of this at an incredible educational lunch hosted by Seattle Fish at Il Posto.
Celebrated local chef, Andrea Frizzi, and his staff of chefs, prepared a bevy of fish dishes for us.
We enjoyed both a Mackerel and Bluefish crudo, which highlighted each fish’s freshness.
The Bluefish tasted like sushi – it was that good.
The Mackerel was garnished with gorgeous green apple ribbons, and celery leaves were used to heighten the freshness and flavor.
The most memorable, was a Porgy with sweet potato bisque poured over it at the table.
With fresh rosemary, it tasted like Thanksgiving.
We don’t often think of fish as a Thanksgiving staple, but it was so good, and Thanksgiving is so near, I may have to recreate it for my holiday table this year.
Go Fish!

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