Yes, We Need Light, but We Also Need Bread: Let There Be Bread

Yes, this is an entire post about bread.
I once stopped a sandwich order at the deli because I’d made my selection based on the bread it was said to be on, but saw the guy making it with a different bread.
When I asked if they had the original bread, they were out and so was my order.
Ruined the whole excitement about the sandwich.
Yes, bread is that important.
When I moved to Denver from NYC in 1994, you could not find a decent loaf of bread.
This was a real cramp to my style, accustomed as I was to having my pick of spectacular breads from spectacular bakeries all over the city there.
I didn’t expect the same bread[th], but I couldn’t believe I couldn’t even find one good loaf.
Now, thankfully, all of that has changed.
I’ve been known to make the half-hour drive to Denver Bread Company, just to buy their house round [great anytime, but especially good grilled, to make panzanella].
And now, I will be known to make the equally timed drive to Babette’s at The Source, for their French loaf.
And maybe a croissant or five.
Bread is both a science and an art, and I respect how difficult it is to produce loaves that are consistent.
Especially in the high altitude of our city.
Both Denver Bread Company and Babette’s do this beautifully.
Grateful Bread is also the bread talk of the town, though I’ve only eaten theirs once [that I know of], at café max on Colfax; it was wonderful.
The fact that I can even name 3 baking powerhouses in Denver [and there are more], is an accomplishment for this city, and one I’m grateful for and delighted by.
Nelson Mandela wisely and accurately said:
Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.
And from Omar Khayyam: A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.

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