Love Grown Foods is Another Exceptional Food Feather in Colorado’s Cap

I had the pleasure of hearing Maddy, the co-founder of Love Grown Foods, speak at Denver Startup Week this year.
The story of this brand is compelling, with her and her co-founder Alex, conceiving the idea while undergrads at the University of Denver, then spending months after graduation testing recipes in Maddy’s parents’ Aspen kitchen.
Now in their 6th year, they have a staff of 10, including them, and have firmly established themselves as a national brand.
Dedicated to producing affordable, high-quality foods, Love Grown Foods includes 5 flavors of Oat Clusters, 4 flavors of Hot Oats, and 2 flavors of hot cereal called Super Oats, which are made super with the addition of chia.
I’m a big fan of their Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters.
It’s hard not to love something so good for you, that also contains chocolate chips.
Chocolate chips.
The oats themselves have a not-overpowering cocoa flavor, but it’s the chocolate chips that are the real flavor punch here.
Not too many for it to be overly sweet, but not too few that you feel sad, it’s a treat I eat with milk at breakfast, in a bowl out-of-hand, and soon, will be sprinkling on vanilla ice cream, because it seems to be begging for me to do that.
The nutrition labels for each of their products is available on their website and they’re so [rightfully] proud of their high quality, they dedicate a full 1/4 of the back of their packaging to share that it is FREE OF*:
Trans Fat
Artificial Flavors
Hydrogenated Oils
They also have a great passion for the healthy eating education of children, and volunteer time to go into classrooms to share their knowledge.
You can purchase their products online at Amazon, Abe’s Market and Vita Cost, as well as in store at grocers across the country.
Love Grown Foods is another exceptional food feather in Colorado’s cap.

*I like this word selection. Instead of saying NO:, they choose to say FREE OF. Great.

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