The Four Seasons – and Edge Restaurant & Bar – Manages the Fine Line Between Splendor and Approachability

I’m a big fan of valet.
It’s gracious and convenient, and that’s the way I like to begin my evenings out.
The Edge Restaurant & Bar at the Four Seasons understands the importance of making it hassle-free for locals to do business with them, and offers complimentary valet for those dining in the restaurant [50% off for bar guests].
This is one of the factors that makes it easier to choose them, among the myriad options available when dining downtown.
But, the valet is only the beginning.
The lobby is sophisticated, with the focal point, a round pedestal table, with custom flower arrangements made by Denver’s beloved Perfect Petal.
It’s lively and not hush-hush, like many luxury hotel lobbies can be.
And when you round the corner to the bar, the liveliness intensifies.
With plenty of seating areas, both inside and on their patio, it’s a comfortable space to have a cocktail or three.
You walk through the bar to get to the restaurant, and both are casually elegant [as is the hotel itself] – just my style – and the style of environment I most enjoy being in.
I’ve eaten at Edge numerous times for both lunch and dinner, and each time, my meal has been prepared well and plated playfully [French fries in a mini fryer basket = adorable].
They call themselves a Modern American Steakhouse and you need only visit their website to see how strong of a commitment they have to meat.
One of the photos on the main page is of 4 of their chefs each spearing a huge hunk of meat with a huge knife.
Edge’s Executive Chef, Simon Purvis, is a man, it strongly appeals to men, and is therefore filled with men.
This is good news for women.
If I were a single woman in Denver, this is where I would be spending a lot of time.
Talk about a target-rich environment.
On this visit, I, along with a small group of others, was the guest of Dana Lauren Berry, the Director of PR for the Four Seasons Denver.
She’s a class act, so it was no surprise she intended for her guests to have a very good time.
We sampled two new Fall cocktails: Dem Apples : Belvedere Citrus, Canton, Lemon Juice, Apple Cider + Cranberry Fields Forever : Beefeater Gin, Leopold Bros. Cranberry, Lemon-Lime, Fever Tree Ginger Beer.
The Dem Apples was my favorite – not too sweet, and not too tart – and it put me in the mood of Fall, which was the whole point.
The kitchen also sent out two of their new Fall appetizers: Blistered Shishito Peppers with soy, sweet chili, sesame + Elk Sausage & Pepper Grilled Pizetta with provolone, tomato, red onion.
Delivered to the table by Simon himself, it was a treat to hear him introduce each dish and his pride in them [not arrogance – a key distinction] was evident.
It didn’t hurt to enjoy his British accent as well, and I asked where in England he was from.
He said Portsmouth and there’s been enough European football on in my home to know this is a big team town.
I asked if he was a fan [already knowing full well he was; it’s a [fan]atical obligation when born a Brit] – he said he was – and it was fun to find an authentic point of connection and conversation.
I feel strongly about party favors.
It’s rare you’ll come to my home and leave without one.
I just can’t help myself.
And thankfully, Edge couldn’t either, because we were each sent home with a container of their signature spice rub, which we were told is equally great on vegetables as it is on meats.
To me, the Four Seasons is the most exciting luxury hotel in Denver.
This genre can so easily be staid, or worse, pretentious.
I cannot abide by either, and thankfully don’t have to when visiting them.
They beautifully manage the fine line between splendor and approachability.

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