Say uncle.

I haven’t eaten all the ramen on offer in Denver.
And I don’t need to.
It’s like love at first sight.
There are other fish in the sea, but you don’t feel the need to know about them, because you love your fish so much.
That’s how I feel about the ramen at uncle.
I always get the veggie, without sprouts.
In an oversized bowl – it has noodles, sweet corn, oyster mushrooms, green onions, miso and soft egg – all in a beautiful broth.
It’s abundant and special and satisfying.
I also have never had – nor do I think most of us have – Korean Street Corn.
This delight is fresh Olathe corn, cooked in kimchi butter.
Kimchi. Butter.
It’s then sprinkled with diced green onions and topped with a lovely layer of cojita cheese.
This is the kind of dish you go home craving, and continue to crave, until you can get yourself back to the place that showed you just what magic can be made with corn.
I want another plate of it right now.
So much has already been written about uncle, including a review by 5280, containing serious questions about the service.
Here’s my take on that:
This is a casual place and has almost the feel of an expanded street stand.
It’s urban and chill.
I don’t expect a lot in terms of service from a street stand.
I walk up, I order, I want reasonable kindness, and I want you to hand me my order, so I can go off to enjoy the eating of the delicious food.
Here, while it is sit-down, I’m not expecting the level of service I would at say, ChoLon, or The Kitchen.
On my visits, servers have been cool, and accommodating.
We do have a service epidemic in the area, of overly casual service.
There’s something about the casual Colorado lifestyle that can ooze into our restaurants, making the dining experience feel subpar compared to dining in other cities.
It’s a frustration I personally experience often, and have had to learn to balance expectations in terms of both the region, and the type of place I’m eating at.
Still, the points made in the 5280 review are great ones, and definitely things that need to be looked at, and it seems as though they’re making a real effort to do that, judging by the interviews and responses we’ve heard out of uncle since the review was printed.
That makes me respect and appreciate them even more; that level of earnestness and humility.
And accountability.
If you’ve not yet been, go.
If you’ve not been in a while, go back.
Either way, submit to the food love.
Say uncle.

1 thought on “Say uncle.

  1. Great review. I have mad love and respect for Uncle, my go to place for everything noodle. They don’t pretend to be anything but who they are, and I appreciate that. And can we talk about their brussels sprouts? Delicious.

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