Helliemae’s Caramels Will Take Your Badassery to a Whole New Level

Ellen, the Caramel Mastermind [capitalized to give proper respect] behind Helliemae’s is Texan, and the bottom line is Southerners know how to do sweets like no other region of the country.
The Northeast has their goodies too, but most of those – as delicious as they are – are family and cultural recipes from Europe and many other areas outside the United States.
My Grandma Sally used to make butter caramels, and caramels in general have become a nostalgic candy for me.
Helliemae’s specializes in salted caramel, and this is an important distinction, since salt adds the needed balance to the sweet, and is a trick all bakers worth their salt [had to] know.
But, they’re not a one-trick caramel pony.
They offer 4 other year-round flavors: cardamom, chili palmer, coffee, and their newest addition: caramelo regular.
They also offer a seasonal apple caramel, whose season is almost upon us, blessedly.
With a line of 3 spoonable, pourable caramel sauces – because sometimes you just don’t want to have to chew – these come in salted, no-salt and chili palmer.
A friend gifted us a jar of the chili palmer for Christmas last year, and she will be a lifetime friend, for her good judgment in food alone.
There’s even a Caramel of the Month Club, which makes me feel all is right in the world.
Recently, Chipotle put on their annual Cultivate Festival here in Denver, and had an Artisans Tent featuring Colorado made products.
Helliemae’s was there, not only with her caramels and sauces, but with the most incredible banana pudding with salted caramel sauce.
In pint-sized Ball jars.
I bought three.
Their tagline is:
Stoking your inner chingona one ridiculously intense caramel at a time.
I had to look up the word chingona – and Urban Dictionary defines it as “the most badass girls in the world”, but I think she lets guys eat her caramels too.


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