Pacific Ocean Marketplace is A Mecca of Asian Food.

A friend was on the hunt for noodles.
Ramen, soba – any noodle she could get her fork on.
I suggested a visit to Pacific Ocean Marketplace, as I’d heard it was a noodle resource – a place just down the street from my house, a place I’ve driven by for 9 years, a place I’ve always meant to visit – and it took her noodle quest to get me there.
We met up and took the adventure together.
There was literally an entire aisle of noodles.
Cellophane, egg, rice, wheat, pulled – you name it – they had it.
Imagine if a conventional grocery store devoted an entire aisle to noodles; it wouldn’t happen.
As the world’s largest continent, and home to a majority of its people, it’s no surprise noodles are aplenty.
They’re versatile and create a perfect base for all kinds of vegetarian and meat-centric dishes.
Modern Asia is considered to include: China, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Though delineated by being called South Asia – still these countries are a true part of the Asian culture and cuisine as well: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Burma, Iran and Tibet.
Though we didn’t see foods representing all of these countries – the overwhelmingly diverse selection of products, coming primarily from China, Hong Kong and Japan – there was a large part of an aisle devoted to Indian foods.
Of course, with such an amazing array, we shopped for more than noodles.
The produce section alone offered things I’d never even heard of before, let alone seen in person.
The most interesting item, and one I have eaten, but had never seen whole, was jackfruit.
Easily two feet long, and a cactus-like texture [without the pricks; which I always try to stay away from in men and fruit], it made for an interesting welcome to the marketplace.
Live lobsters and roasted whole ducks are available.
You can even get fresh chicken feet, which I walked right by.
It is impossible to enumerate everything you can find there – when I say it’s an adventure – it is truly that.
Your world will expand, and that’s always a good thing.

Pacific Ocean Marketplace
6600 W. 120th Street
Broomfield, CO

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