I Try To Avoid Chains, But Sometimes It Just Has To Be Done. Especially for a Lobster Roll.

I’m a huge supporter of independents, from boutiques to car repair to restaurants.
There’s something vitally important to the community the independent offers, that gets sadly diluted by the chains.
That is heart.
But, sometimes a chain has to be done.
Bonefish Grill has on offer, a traditional New England Lobster Roll that I had to have.
Of all the chains, I have to say, Bonefish is one of the best.
Their food is fresh and the service – at least at the one in my area [Church Ranch; 104th and 36] – is truly excellent.
A friend is a big fan and turned me on to it, despite my having lived in the area for years and never having stepped foot in the place.
Now, it’s a great option when we get together.
They recently started serving lunch, and more recently, the lobster roll.
It’s exciting, in a landlocked state such as ours, to get your hands on [literally], an authentic one.
The bun – an envelope style – a term coined by Courtney O’Rourke, New Englander and local food aficionado – makes the sandwich.
Well, let’s be serious, the lobster makes the sandwich, but perhaps it’s better said the roll makes it authentic.
Buttered, with a slight crispness, lined with fresh lettuce and filled to the brim with lobster meat, mixed with crisp red onion and celery – this is worth a drive to a Bonefish near you.
It’s not heavy with mayonnaise, which is the biggest turn off with a lobster roll, and also overwhelms the incredible lobster flavor.
Here, lobster was the absolute star of the show, and what a wonderful production to experience.
This is the kind of meal that can make your week.
It did mine.

4 thoughts on “I Try To Avoid Chains, But Sometimes It Just Has To Be Done. Especially for a Lobster Roll.

    1. I have had the one at Steuben’s and was disappointed. Didn’t love the roll [makes a huge difference], much less lobster meat, and higher price. I hope Bonefish makes this an annual offering [doing for a limited time]!

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