Cure Organic Farm is a Boulder Treasure

Family-owned and run businesses touch us, because there is something sweet about knowing a family comes together to create a product or service to offer the community.
Cure is owned and run by a husband and wife team, Anne and Paul Cure, who also have two small children.
One is still a baby, but the other, Georgia, sat in on a recent jam making class I attended there, and it was the most natural thing.
Anne was carrying the baby, as she helped in the adjacent Farm Store, now in its third year.
In this age of high tech, it felt soul-stirring to have the family members milling around, while we mixed and mashed fruit from the fields just outside the door.
There’s a small commercial kitchen in the rustic building, which we used to cook our jams – mixed berry, peach lavender, peach blackberry.
On the farm, they produce organic fruit, vegetables and small amounts of meat, with a focus on pork.
There’s a little duck pond.
There are large drying racks under the shade of a huge tree, that while I was there, were filled to overflowing with the most fragrant garlic I’ve ever smelled.
Alongside the fresh fruits and vegetables, were bunches of sweet pea flowers for sale – my bunch they put in one of their honey jars for added charm.
I just love everything about the place.
Farming on any scale is hard work, yet work we tend to glamorize.
Especially in Boulder County.
But the real allure, is the absolutely and delightedly unpretentious nature of a farm’s process and product.
It makes me feel sane, in a world that conspires daily, with its endless demands, to make me feel otherwise.

Cure Organic Farm
7416 Valmont Road

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