Low Energy + Uncaring Service = Empty Restaurant

I went out to lunch recently, to a place whose food I like a lot.
This is the third time I’ve been there in the past couple of months, and each time, the energy has been low and the service, uncaring.
Each time, it’s also been cavernously empty, save for a couple of tables, including ours.
This, as is a picture, is worth a thousand words.
The place gets a good deal of hype and is part of a local chef/restaurateur’s restaurant group.
And yet, no amount of hype, or attachment to a quality name, can save this place from the depressing energy.
Good energy and service has to be created and committed to by the staff, on a daily basis.
We were greeted lacklusterly and given no guidance on what to do next.
It was awkward.
I asked if we should take a table, and was told ok.
We sat ourselves.
After a few long minutes, I finally got up from the table to get us menus.
One gal took our order mechanically, and another gal brought our food mechanically.
We never again saw the first gal.
Both seemed to care less [careless] about engaging their customers.
The food was good, as usual.
When we were brought our bill, there was a sudden upswing in enthusiasm, which I’ve experienced at restaurants before.
This is because the tip is about to be written down.
It’s sad, really, because this shows you have the ability for enthusiasm, but just selectively apply it.
It’s also insulting.
And painfully obvious.
I will not be back.
And it’s a shame, because as I said, I like the food a lot.
But the pattern here is unsettling, and I’d rather spend my time in happier and more caring environments, whose food is equally good or better.

1 thought on “Low Energy + Uncaring Service = Empty Restaurant

  1. How sad! Service really does make the place though. That’s why I go back time and time again to the places that welcome me with open arms. Food is about community and we’re never going to make our mark as a culinary city without humble and generous service.

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