Service Counts As Much As The Food [and I’m Not the Server Whisperer]

I saw a Twitter exchange between two industry people recently, where the topic of service was on the table [pun intended].
One of them said service was not as important as the food, essentially saying they would overlook bad service if the food was great.
Though I wasn’t a part of this conversation, it is relevant to address here, and I could not disagree more.
Perhaps there’s some room, when you go to a diner, and the crusty gal, Marge, adds to the experience with her rough-around-the-edges style.
This, in an odd way, is part of the charm.
But, when I’m dining anywhere other than a diner – and especially when I’m at a full-service restaurant – the service is a crucial element of the experience.
Of course I want the food to be good.
The food has to be good for me to return.
But, the food can be stunning – and they’re even allowed an off night – yet if the service is poor, I will not be back.
Why would I subject myself to poor treatment?
Especially when I am paying to be there?
I’ve left parties someone else was hosting and paying for, at the first whiff of rudeness.
I just don’t need it in my life, and it’s up to me to draw and hold my own boundaries.
I don’t know what goes through the mind of a person in service, who believes it’s ok to treat their patrons poorly – especially when their livelihood depends on professionalism – but I’m not the Server Whisperer.
I’m not responsible to train them in good service, or hold them directly accountable to it.
Though, I will be holding their employer accountable, by not doing business with them.
We have to hold the line on what’s right.
And being treated poorly while dining [or anytime], is just plain wrong.
We absolutely do vote with our money, our time and our energy.

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