Arabesque In Boulder Is Gracious And Special

I received a last-minute lunch invite from a colleague and friend to meet at Arabesque in Boulder.
I’d never even heard of it.
I found this unsettling.
I pride myself on being in the know about what’s happening culturally in both Denver and Boulder [considering restaurants to be a huge part of this], but how is it I’d never heard of it – a place that turned out to be truly gracious and special?
No matter.
The idea that I was being introduced to a new place, was thrilling.
Owned and run by a former prima ballerina, whose daughters help her with the daily service, it’s a true family dance [I had to].
The restaurant sits in a sweet little brick house on a stretch of Walnut, that’s filled with residential and commercial buildings.
You have to really look for it on the south side of the street, between 16th and 17th – the bright side patio umbrellas are the giveaway.
We each got a vegetarian platter, which is filled – literally, to the brim – with every Middle Eastern specialty you could hope for.
Baba ganoush [my all-time favorite], hummus, Mediterranean salad, green salad, stuffed grape leaves and puffed pita – it was only missing baklava, which would have been weird to put on a lunch platter, and which, we ordered [of course] with chai for after the meal.
Everything tasted just as you want it to – we crave these classics for a reason – because the tastes are familiar and wonderful.
Drinks were brought to the table on a vintage wood platter [gracious], and my Izze, though a twist-off, was accompanied by a bottle opener, should I have any challenge with the twisting [gracious].
Service was consistent, but not invasive, which is just what we needed, as we sat on the patio enjoying a gorgeous Colorado summer afternoon.
The chai was the best I’ve ever had.
The. best. I’ve. ever. had.
I often find them way too spicy and off-putting; this was perfectly balanced and a treat I will now crave.
I’d go back just for a cup of it and the heartwarming atmosphere.
If you’ve not yet been, go.
You will be glad to have experienced this special spot.

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