The Denver Passport – A Thing of Joy and Beauty [and cheese!]

This summer, a handful of groups got together to bring our city one of the best ideas it’s seen in a while: The Denver Passport. Good through 9.2.13 for 2/1’s at 56 cool spots around Denver, purchasing this – at the silly, in the best sense of the word, price of $10. – is the definition of a no brainer. Recently, a friend and I built our night out around it. We looked at the spots in the area of town we wanted to hang out in, and then made our list. I’d been to a few of these spots already, but a lot of the fun is to go to places you’ve never been [like when traveling with a real passport!], getting your stamps [in this case, badges of drinking honor], and experiencing our beloved city in an adventurous way, no matter how long or short a time you’ve lived here. For me, having been in Denver since 1994 – the whole idea of a Denver Passport excites me – offering a real and true sense of exploration of a place I think I already know extremely well. I can only hope there will be a Denver Passport for the restaurant scene coming soon.

Our night, and drinks, included:
al Lado : A glass of red, white or rose on tap [read: eco friendly too] [I had rose]
Zengo : Signature mojito
Our Mutual Friend : Any pint [I had the chocolate stout]
Infinite Monkey Theorem : A glass of wine on tap [Another rose and one of the best wines they’re producing at the moment!]
The Populist : Any specialty cocktail [I had the Bee’s Knees]

Just this one night more than paid for the passport, and I have 51 more drinks to go! And just for a happy extra bonus, though you may think the page is just an ad for Whole Foods, there’s a passport stamp page for a free log of Haystack Mountain goat cheese from the Cherry Creek Whole Foods. For a food – and cheese – lover like me – this was enough to put me over the joy edge.

We should throw them a parade to properly express our thanks: CO Bartenders Guild / Colorado Brewers Guild / Denver Off the Wagon / Drambuie / Eat Denver / Imbibe Denver / IndiCard / Mattehue / Red Rocks / Uber / Whole Foods

Learn more at

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