La Casa Sena in Santa Fe is a Magical Place

We’ve been traveling to Taos and Santa Fe for 15 years now.
There is a magical, spiritual, creative pull to New Mexico, and if I’m away from it for too long, I start to get antsy.
Because we’ve adopted it as a second home, we’ve come to know and love a number of special places there.
One of those places is La Casa Sena.
Tucked away in a gorgeous courtyard off of Palace Avenue, blocks from the Plaza, just entering the courtyard puts you in a certain state of mind.
It’s calming, beautiful and relaxing.
There is abundant restaurant seating in the courtyard, but we always prefer to dine inside, which we did again on this visit.
It’s a white tablecloth place, even at lunch, and that makes it all the more special.
The interior is understated elegant – pretty light fixtures, fireplace, art [of course].
The highlight – no matter how good the meal is – is the blue corn muffins.
They’ve been making these since the first day the restaurant opened, 30 years ago.
The manager came to check on our table, and asked if we enjoyed the muffins.
I explained we did and should they ever decide to take them off the menu, there will be a protest and he could look for me to be leading it!
They’re that good.
La Casa Sena approaches their wine list in a smartly uncomplicated way.
All glasses are $10.; all bottles are $40.
I ordered a California Cabernet, which was perfectly robust, just sweet enough, and a lunchtime treat.
I started with a beet salad, which I thought would be all beets, but was actually large, voluptuous rounds of beets laying on a bed of arugula.
Shredded English cheddar and a light vinaigrette, were all the extras needed to make a fresh, satisfying start.
I ordered the Seafood Sampler this time – though seafood isn’t something I think of when thinking of Santa Fe food.
The menu description just sounded so good, and I’d had my fill of New Mexican food to that point.
The plate came with a round of seafood sausage, pinon crusted shrimp and ahi tuna slices.
It was a fun mix of flavors and textures.
If you’re a burger lover, they do a Green Chile Burger, that will change your life for the better.
Instead of dessert there, I stopped in the adjacent chocolate shop, for one of the best chocolate, sea salt topped caramel truffles I’ve ever had.
Sometimes [most of the time], I just want a little bite at the end of a meal, not a full plate of dessert.
This hit the sweet spot perfectly.
I’ll be back next year, for my 16th annual visit to this amazing town and this amazing restaurant.

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