Corner House is a Wonderful New Addition to the Jefferson Park Neighborhood in Denver

Corner House is light-filled and approachable; not off-putting in any way.
There’s warmth from the wood tables and chairs, and an architecturally cool angular layout that’s unlike any other Denver restaurant I’ve been to. The bathrooms are unmarked, just handles sticking out from a wood wall [the door is flush; pun intended], and I like this.
It keeps things interesting.
Though I can only imagine how many times the employees have to answer the “Where’s the bathroom?” question.
I have a mild obsession [some would say not so mild] with Ball jars.
They have to be Ball.
For some reason, Kerr just won’t do. When my water, and beer! [Great Divide’s Colette on draft; a favorite], arrived to the table in Ball jars, well, let’s just say I was smitten.
There’s also a Ball jar chandelier in the space, which I find charming beyond words.
I’ve been on a deviled egg kick lately, so was thrilled to see them on the menu – but not just any – Horseradish Deviled Eggs.
6 halves of delight arrived at the table.
They were a fun start you just don’t see on many menus.
Next came the Grilled Avocado Salad.
When it arrived, I immediately looked around for a salt shaker, because it’s my experience that avocado never gets seasoned enough, but then I looked at the salad closely, to find flakes of sea salt glistening on the generous hunk of avocado.
This is the kind of attention to detail I need from a kitchen.
To grill an avocado is such a treat, and something I never think to do at home.
They could have put it on just a pile of greens and I would have been pleased.
Here’s what they did do: arugula + pickled fresno chile + julienned red apple + orange segments + red onion + citrus vinaigrette.
Creamy, peppery, sweet, spicy, crunchy, tart, sour.
I think they hit every taste profile with this one, and explains why it was so satisfying and fun to eat.
I then ordered the Lunch Special – which they have each day – 1/2 Panini with a cup of seasonal soup or pork green chile, along with a fresh baked cookie for $10.
I got the Gina’s Pear & Manchego – this comes with spinach, apple chutney and whole grain mustard.
Everything about this was a pleasure and the specialness was a lunch treat, again, you don’t see on many menus.
I also got the green chile chili, which had beautiful chunks of tender pork, in not-too-spicy-but-still-respectable-kick-of-flavor green chile goodness.
The chocolate chip cookie was still warm.
Enough said.
4.5 stars on Yelp.
5 on Urban Spoon.
They aren’t playing around here.
They’ve cornered this neighborhood market.

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