I Can’t Get Enough of Basta

Basta means enough in Italian.
But, I can never seem to get enough of Basta.
I was there recently for dinner and here was the lineup:
A beautiful Grenache from Epiphany Cellars
Grilled vegetable salad
Peppers pizza
Cauliflower gratin
Wood fired lasagna
Doughnuts and campfire vanilla ice cream

The grilled vegetable salad is one of their star items, no question. 
Its combination of textures and flavors from the wonderful variety in it – crunchy radicchio, tender potatoes, soft mushrooms, flavorful field greens and the grilled croutons – oh, the croutons! – combine for a true treat.
The Peppers pizza, though its name is a misnomer, because there are no peppers on it, is more like a margherita with prosciutto.
This is a no brainer in terms of taste, and with the added wood-fired flavor in the crust and giving the toppings that extra something, it’s delicious.
The cauliflower gratin was a special on the evening we went – cauliflower mixed with a variety of cheeses, topped with breadcrumbs, then baked in a cast iron skillet – the answer had to be yes, when we saw it handwritten on the menu.
Wood-fired lasagna is a fun departure from lasagna cooked in a traditional oven. 
It’s the taste of the screaming hot open flames, but I can also taste the love.
Their housemade ricotta doughnuts are a sweet way to end the meal, and angels should sing when they deliver the campfire vanilla ice cream to the table.
Eating that is a truly holy experience.
The food is the most exciting thing happening here, but the service is wonderful too.
The staff is informed, but not overbearing and will answer any questions you have, or offer suggestions. 
Owned by Chef Kelly Whitaker, his wife Erika, and their partner, Allen, this is a trio that genuinely cares about the quality of the experience they offer to the community.
You can feel the warmth there, and that comes from so much more than the oven.

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